Now Watching None Part 5 - Fact or Fiction

One of the problems that people have with the Christian faith is the perception that it bases all of its beliefs on a book called “The Bible.” Some people have asserted that it contains contradictions. Many see it as being culturally regressive. Others, yet, simply view it as a myth. It’s not uncommon for Christians to lose their faith in God when they walk on to a college campus, surrounded by intelligent people who discredit the Bible. Is the Bible reliable? Is it regressive? In this message, we’ll explore this hang-up that keeps so many people from faith in Christ.

While the western world is becoming increasingly secular, the major religions are growing worldwide. This reality should influence all of us, regardless of religious belief, to consider why it is that people believe whatever they believe about God. In this series, we won’t just talk about why people have lost their religion, we’ll also see why Jesus makes more sense than people might think.