Now Watching See The World Part 2 - The Church

Jesus’ love for the Church is so great, he mentions the Church 43 times in this 26-verse prayer. The Church matters to Jesus. The Church is an institution like no other. It is both an organization and an organism. It’s for insiders and for outsiders. It is to assimilate into the culture, yet live distinctly from the culture. In this message, we will see that the Church is at its best when it is a movement characterized by love.
See the World

In the final hours before his crucifixion, Jesus prays out loud to the Father. In the book of John, we find one of the most astonishing chapters of the entire Bible—chapter 17—a documented record of the only extended conversation we have between the Father and the Son. It’s also astonishing because in it, we see how Jesus sees the world.