Now Watching Dream On Part 4 - Turntable

If you’ve ever been hurt by others, you might have entertained daydreams in which the tables are turned and you’re given the upper hand. But what would a person who was convinced that God was with them do? We find out in the life of Joseph. Instead of trying to sit in God’s chair by deciding who he will and will not forgive, Joseph decided, in humility, to forgive his brothers who deeply hurt him. In doing so, we see that Joseph points us to the one who teaches us to forgive others who have hurt us.
Dream On

What would a person in your circumstances do if they were convinced that God was with them? The answer to this question is found in the life of Joseph. The theme of Joseph’s life is the confidence that God was with him in good times and in bad. But there were, of course, no external indicators to let Joseph know that God had a plan or that God was with him. Many times he seemed absent. In this series, we’ll learn how to make decisions like Joseph – decisions made with confidence that God is with you.